Regional Resourcing and Capability

Our goal is to establish and sustain a resource base to enable MPRA to play an effective role as leaders in transforming Aboriginal affairs administration in the region.

We seek to build MPRA’s capability to lead and shape a transformative process of strategic action, to deliver our reform agenda as set out in our Regional Plan. This includes establishing Murdi Paaki Services as the operational arm of MPRA to conduct higher-order strategic business, and facilitating dialogue with governments to support the efficient, effective and equitable delivery of government services. 

MPRA is committed to tackling structural issues within regional Aboriginal NGOs, revitalising their governance capacity and positioning organisations to respond successfully to funding opportunities. We support a process of reflection, reform and restructuring within our key Aboriginal service providers, encouraging the democratisation of organisations and best-practice governance processes. We advocate for a transition to autonomous programme and service delivery, so that Aboriginal NGOs based within the region take over funding streams and responsibility for Aboriginal-specific services that are currently managed by major, centralised NGOs.