Garry Trindall

Garry Trindall is the current Walgett Community Working Party Chairperson. 

Contact: walgett@mpra.com.au


Walgett Community Priorites and Priority Actions

- Establish a local housing r&m business to reduce wait times for urgent repairs, prevent deterioration of housing stock and create employment;

- Provide for the sustainability of our valued cultural learning hub, keeping place and cultural exhibition centre and resource the centre’s Elders support programmes;

- Enhance the range and condition of the physical infrastructure which underpins our ability to deliver health and human services to the community, with particular reference to early childhood services.

- Advocate for the means to build the capacity of local young people to succeed to governance and management positions within our organisations; and

- Develop a new youth centre and youth organisation to facilitate and deliver youth activities, including integrating and/or coordinating existing youth services.

Walgett Community Action Plan - 2023