Murdi Paaki Services

The Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly is a formal affiliation of Aboriginal communities and, as such, purposely does not have legal standing nor can it enter into binding agreements with governments and others.

To enable a greater level of participation in operational matters and to provide governments with improved opportunities to innovate and invest in Aboriginal people of the region, MPRA established Murdi Paaki Services (MPS) as an independent professional legal entity under sole ownership and governance of MPRA.

MPS has a clear strategic focus of supporting the political, cultural, economic and social initiatives. MPS hopes to:

  • Foster relationships with the Commonwealth, NSW and Local governments with a view to contributing knowledge and guidance in the planning, design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of services;
  • Take responsibility for driving change at a regional level;
  • Apply for, negotiate and receive funding for priority projects of regional significance, including taking responsibility for managing flexible funding pools;

  • Source, collate and interrogate information in relation to allocation of resources to the region and identify gaps, inefficiencies and inequities; and
  • Conduct ongoing research and evaluation relating to socio-demographic and economic issues of interest or concern to the Murdi Paaki Region.

Murdi Paaki Services is located at 25 Barton Street in Cobar New South Wales. They are comprised of four staff members and the MPS board which consists of six members. For information and contact details on the staff, please see below.

Chief Executive Officer - Daniel Rose.

Daniel Rose is a Ualarai/Gomilaroi man from Walgett, North West NSW. He is the son of George "the Bandit" Rose and Mavis Rose (Nicholls). Mr Rose is a passionate Aboriginal man, who has spent his life working in the public and private sectors to ensure positive outcomes for Aboriginal People everywhere. Prior to his employment with Murdi Paaki Services, Mr Rose spent time working internationally, which allowed him to gain experience working and negotiating with diverse counterparts. In his career Dan Rose has assisted and directed the creation of policies, attended national and international conferences, built a network of reliablie contacts and gained experience with finance duties, communication and strategic planning. He liaises with government agencies and delegates, is the first point of contact for the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly, establishes connections within the region to allow the 16 working party communities run effectively and ensures the Cobar office runs accordingly.  

Daniels contact details are:


Phone: 02 6836 1687

Mobile: 0437 125 554

The Murdi Paaki Service Limited Organisational Chart:

MPSL 2018/2019 Annual Report is available here.

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