Samantha McEwen

Samantha is the current Chairperson of the Gulargambone CWP

Gulargambone Community Priorities and Priority Actions

- As custodians of our land, voice of the first inhabitants and residents of Gulargambone, work towards greater recognition of Gulargambone Aboriginal Community members as citizens wishing to take a genuine place in society and contribute leadership to the wellbeing of our community;

- Strive to create a caring environment to safeguard the emotional health of our children to give them every chance of a life free from harmful influences;

- Invest in the education of our children so that our children and our children’s children may have every opportunity to know a better life; and

- Take it upon ourselves to keep ourselves safe and in good shape by living a healthy lifestyle in a caring social environment.

Gulargambone Community Action Plan - November 2019