MPRA values the physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing of all members of our communities. We are committed to innovate to ensure the ready access of each community to stable, co-ordinated, responsive, targeted health care services, in order to address the health gap experienced by Aboriginal people living in the Murdi Paaki Region. We also seek to strengthen families’ ability to make culturally-informed choices, which have the effect of reducing stress, the incidence of domestic and family violence, and the number of children at risk of harm. To achieve higher order outcomes from core health and human services, our objective is to collaborate with responsible agencies as equal partners. We:

  • Advocate for primary health and wellness services
  • Support the needs of older people and people with disabilities
  • Support the needs of people affected by past removal policies
  • Advocate for child and family support services
  • Deliver youth leadership initiatives
  • Support community safety
  • Pursue innovative service delivery models
  • Influence co-ordination in service delivery
  • Require service provider cross-cultural competency