Larry Flick

Mr Flick was born in 1954 and aside from a few years of moving around, he has lived in Collarenebri his whole life. Larry has 4 children, 22 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. He is a big family man who aspires to be just like his inspiration in life – his grandfather. Larry has always respected and maintained the voice of Aboriginal People within his community and since becoming the chairperson for Collarenebri’s community working party, he wants to be a voice for his region. Larry is also a member of the Land Council.


Phone: 0475406791

Collarenebri Community Priorities and Priority Actions

- Acknowledge, maintain and enhance the value of Aboriginal heritage in Collarenebri, including recovering artefacts removed from the community and upgrading sites of cultural significance;

- Facilitate formation of separate Elders’ men’s, women’s and youth groups as a means of improving community resilience, harmony and fostering leadership;

- Create a Secretariat Coordinating position to assist in improving CWP governance and administration;

- Lift the educational achievements of our children from Preschool to Year 12, including providing literacy and numeracy support and after-hours tuition; and

- Improve health services available to the community.

Collarenebri Community Action Plan - November 2019

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