Law and Justice

Our goal is to reduce the number of Aboriginal people interacting with the criminal justice system. MPRA advocates for the principle that Aboriginal people are treated with justice, fairness, equality and respect before the law.  We seek to lead a process aimed at reducing the incidence of offending and reoffending, and the numbers of Aboriginal people in custody. We do this by:

  • Working towards legal systems and processes which achieve non-discriminatory outcomes.
  • Advocating for the continuation of culturally appropriate legal services, and for assistance to Aboriginal victims and survivors of crime.
  • Supporting increased participation by Aboriginal people in law and justice institutions through advocating for greater local deployment of suitably qualified people with strong cultural affiliations in police and justice-related services.
  • Advocating for accessible full-time mental health services to be available to assist people with mental health issues to avoid contact with the criminal justice system.
  • Pursuing Justice Reinvestment and diversion initiatives. We support initiatives directed at reducing re-offending, as well as community-led options for the rehabilitation of offenders and diversion of those at risk of offending.