Murdi Paaki Young Emerging Leaders Assembly

The Murdi Paaki Aboriginal Young Leaders Project (MPAYLP) was established by the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly and is a key feature of the Murdi Paaki Regional Partnership Agreement (RPA) which was developed through the Murdi Paaki Council of Australian Governments Trial.

The RPA was signed in NSW in 2009 making it the first agreement of its kind in the state. The RPA marked the blueprint for a new era of economic self reliance and independence providing young Aboriginal people in the region an avenue for effective participation in their communities, to identify and develop role models and take on leadership and roles of responsibility in their communities.

The MPAYLP is having outstanding results in leadership development by allowing young people to gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the workforce and have their voices heard in their communities. More than 100 Young Leaders from sixteen communities have participated in MPAYLP and the program is continuing to develop young Aboriginal people into community leaders.

The other significant aspect of the MPAYLP is implementing succession planning so that as people move out of the governance arrangements there is a pool of capacity to fill the void.