Teresa Stanford

Teresa is currently the Chairperson on the Coonamble CWP



Coonamble Community Priorities and Priority Actions

- Lead a process of cultural renewal focusing on Aboriginal language, heritage and cultural traditions and practices;

- Work with stakeholders to find solutions to long housing waiting lists and overcrowding and work collaboratively to bring about improvements in the quality, safety and condition of housing stock;

- Implement community-developed initiatives aimed at reducing the incidence of engagement of young people with the justice system;

- Encourage the introduction of more intensive support measures for children attending local schools, including enabling higher rates of retention, positive participation in class, mentoring, teaching of Aboriginal studies as a means of reinforcing culture and identity, and providing pathways into employment and tertiary education; and

- Continue to support the Combined Coonamble Health Service but advocate for improved co-ordination and range of health services with a specific focus on AoD detox, counselling and support services.