Heritage and Culture

MPRA’s goal is to value our role as stewards on Country and custodians of Aboriginal language, heritage and culture. Our objectives include the following: 

  • Strengthen the role of Aboriginal culture in our society, by promoting cultural engagement that reflects values to build positive identity and community unity. This involves fostering positive teaching and learning relationships between Elders and young people, and promoting traditional cultural practice as a way to heal our communities.
  • Recognise the impact of historical Aboriginal Affairs policy on our cultural affiliations, to ensure that dispossession and marginalisation resulting from past policy are not perpetuated by conflict within communities, or by service provider practices.
  • Safeguard history and heritage by capturing the history of our peoples and their places through oral history recording and advocating for the repatriation of cultural objects stolen from the region.
  • Use the natural and cultural attributes of the Murdi Paaki region to underpin greater involvement in cultural and eco-tourism.
  • Future-proof our languages by expanding the teaching of Aboriginal languages in schools as a means of reinforcing the positive value of cultural identity, and supporting language revival initiatives that engage the broader Aboriginal community.
  • Advocate for the protection of natural ecosystems and culturally sound resource management, while promoting traditional knowledges.